nostalgia in unexpected places

Seems like wherever I go, the Bay Area follows close behind. Today I spent a good deal of time perusing the used record collection in the fabulous Monorail Records located in the Merchant City district of Glasgow (more on it in a future post). One of the albums that I ended up bringing home with me was a jazz album titled “Street of Dreams” by Grant Green. It’s released on Blue Note, which is a jazz label well-known in the music world for, in addition to its quality music, its album covers that ooze cool. Something about this particular cover seemed vaguely familiar.

I don’t know why it didn’t hit me earlier, but it wasn’t until I got home that I realized that I am very well acquainted with the very intersection that is on the cover! The intersection of Grant and Green is in North Beach, right in front of, appropriately enough, the Grant and Green Saloon. It’s also about a block away from Maggie McGarry’s, the pub that I frequent for Arsenal games when I’m in the Bay.

The intersection as it appears today

After sharing my revelation with Angel, he said “Seeing that intersection makes me crave pizza from Golden Boy”. I sure could go for a piping hot slice of their clam and garlic pizza myself. For all that Glasgow gets right, it still can’t quite touch SF drunk food. San Francisco, you are missed.

Get in my belly.

Oh, and for those who are wondering, the album is pretty damn good.


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