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self control.

A couple minutes ago, I was waiting at a shuttle stop at the I-house, where a bus was waiting to pick people up for a sorority invite. I watched as a girl had to be carried by her hands and feet off the bus because she was passed out. A couple of her friends laid her out on the grass, making sure she was still breathing. Someone pregamed a little too hard. This kind of behavior is a little disturbing, and it’s more than a little sophomoric. The sad thing is that this is a pretty common occurrence. Know your limits. To be so hammered that you become a danger to yourself and the people around you is way beyond the limits of “just having a good time”. Also, the behavior of the rest of the partygoers was just appalling. They were all milling around, laughing and joking as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on.

Sometimes I am sickened by the lack of morals and compassion around here.


well, fuck.

My economics professor made the gloomy prediction today that the current recession could last for five to seven years. So much for the predictions that we could be out of this mess by the end of the year.

obligatory oscar post

Random thought, but I think 2008 was the best year for movies we’ve had in a LONG time.



Though I’d share the view from my window. Sometimes i forget how stunningly beautiful this place can be.

wait, that’s really not that funny.

So it’s basically been raining nonstop for 3 days straight now. Not just puny Berkeley sprinkling either, I’m talking about a steady downpour mixed with wind that threatens to rip your umbrella from your hands. Mix in a little scary and out of the ordinary lightning. I have seriously never heard lightning in California before. Ever. Maybe someone up there is sending a friendly reminder to the heathens and nonbelievers of Berkeley (read: me) that He is ready to smite us at a moment’s notice. Up yours, big guy. Isn’t passing Prop 8 and screwing over the state budget enough? We get it already.

Anyways, I remember my Bio AP teacher once telling me that there is a condition where mood is affected by weather. I definitely suffer from this. I get inexplicably happy when the sun is out, and unreasonably depressed when its rainy and foggy. My friend Google tells me that this disorder is actually called SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder. Trust me, the humor is not lost on me.

I don’t remember what the point of this post was supposed to be.

For my Christian friends – yes, I am very much aware that I am going to hell for all the blasphemous statements I make. I made peace with my eternal fate a long time ago. Trust me, acceptance is much easier than denial. If you find this post offensive in any way, I sincerely apologize.

i can haz a tumblr?

Check it, yo.

Real post soon, I promise.