Monthly Archives: July 2007


Since I have nothing substantial to write about these days, I will leave you with some random musings.

I finally finished The West Wing… 7 seasons in 2 and a half months.

That’s 22 43-minute episodes per season, which comes out to a total of 6,622 minutes, or roughly 4.5 days. Wow. Let me tell you, it was worth EVERY MINUTE.

I ❤ Josiah Bartlet. Why can’t real presidents be this awesome?

Everyone may be excited about Harry Potter, but there is only one thing I am camping out for this summer. THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM is premiering in a month! w00t! I will be pitching a tent outside Shattuck Cinemas in anticipation of its arrival. Please bring food.

Finally, two random articles my roommate found. He has a lot of free time.

Giant Duck.

Cardboard. Yum.

That is all. Carry on.