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So my birthday is coming up soon…

Just a hint.


TI84 silver edition

What You Know About Math?

i can sleep when i die

As the school year winds down, I find myself feeling hot, tired, and generally miserable.

My week has consisted of waking up at 6AM from the construction across the street, going to what little class I have left, and then camping out at the Bio library for the remainder of the day. Before you start thinking that I am a diligent and motivated student, I will put those thoughts to rest by saying that diligence has nothing to do with it. Motivated by the desire to survive, perhaps. Such is the case when you’re a semester behind in readings. The fact that I have terrible allergies and am drugged up on copious amounts of Claritin D might also explain my rather eccentric schedule. Apparently the side effects are insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Lovely.

I have found the perfect study spot: the second floor booths at VLSB. Do I like it because it’s clean and modern? No and no. I like it because it happens to be the only place on campus that seems to have air conditioning. This sudden heat wave has turned basically every building in Berkeley into a sauna, including the dorms. Opening up the windows doesn’t seem to help at all. I have a sneaking suspicion that it has something to do with the fact that the air pressure inside is lower than the pressure outside… which may also explain why every time you try to open the door to the Den, it feels like you’re pushing at a 10 ton deadweight, and on the off chance that you actually succeed in prying it open, you suffocate from the wall of air that rushes in. These are the kind of things I ponder on instead of studying. Alas, nothing is perfect. This place is colder than a meat locker. Oh well, at least it keeps me awake.

The sad thing is that I’ve been here for four hours and I really haven’t gotten a whole lot done. My protracted stay yesterday already led me to plow through several unwatched episodes of Scrubs, and now I have nothing else to amuse myself with. I am actually trying to find new ways of wasting time rather than study. I fail at life.

I’m too tired and bored to think of anything witty to say, so here’s a playlist to keep you sane during finals.


cinco de drinko

lease a wang (12:31:03 AM): lalalallalalala
lease a wang (12:31:04 AM): awkward silence
albuhhh (12:31:32 AM): what?
albuhhh (12:31:43 AM): there is no awkward silence
albuhhh (12:31:49 AM): youre just a paranoid drunk
lease a wang (12:31:48 AM): i’m not patanoid
albuhhh (12:32:26 AM): patanoid?
lease a wang (12:36:08 AM): ‘oh shush you
lease a wang (12:53:20 AM): buahaha i’nm playinhg sppon
lease a wang (12:53:24 AM): uimmmm
lease a wang (12:53:25 AM): yeah
albuhhh (12:53:49 AM): you are plastered now
lease a wang (12:54:43 AM): i am no sucdh thing
albuhhh (12:55:24 AM): HAHA
lease a wang (12:55:31 AM): iok i hate you
lease a wang (12:56:01 AM): what r u fpin
lease a wang (12:56:05 AM): uhhhh
lease a wang (12:56:06 AM): doing*
albuhhh (12:56:16 AM): hahahaha
lease a wang
(12:56:09 AM):
talk to yo0u
lease a wang (12:56:14 AM): omogb albert stfu
lease a wang (12:56:22 AM): i meant talk to me&
lease a wang (12:56:24 AM): *
ease a wang
(12:56:26 AM):
hahahah i wrote talk to you
lease a wang (12:56:29 AM): insteand of talk to me
lease a wang (12:56:32 AM): that’s pretty funny

Lisa Wang is a fabulous drunk.


It’s not over ’til it’s over.


2005 – Coming back from an 0-2 deficit against the Rockets to win in 7
2006 – Beating the No. 1 seeded Spurs on the road in a double overtime Game 7

They always have to do it the hard way, don’t they?

I’m not stupid. My faith is not blind faith. I know the boys from Big D are on the ropes and have a very slim chance at avoiding an embarrassing fate, but I didn’t give up on them before and I sure as hell am not gonna give up now. This was a team that rallied off 17 straight wins in the regular season, had three 10+ game win streaks, and had a league-high 67 wins. Is it too much of a stretch to hope that they might be able to rattle off 3 more?

There are two slogans that are dear to every Mavs fan: “Rowdy, proud and loud” and “MFFL” – Mavs Fan For Life. Whatever may happen in the next two days, their meanings will never change.

Warriors Nation have rallied behind the mantra “We Believe”, and they have been rewarded for their efforts. Maybe it’s time that we started believing too.