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playoff fever

Last night was a rather interesting experience. Having found out that the Mavs were playing in the Bay Area for the first round of the playoffs against none other than Don Nelson’s Warriors, I thought I was destined to go, so I rounded up a couple friends and went to go camp out for tickets.

Bad idea.

First of all, if you haven’t been to Oakland at night before, it’s shady. REALLY shady. We had a bit of problem getting to Oracle Arena in the first place and almost got kidnapped by a gypsy cabdriver.

We got to Oracle at 1 to find that no one was being let in the gates, and everyone was setting up camp outside the gates, a good 1/8th of a mile away from the ticket office. It was then that we discovered what kind of mess we were in. There was absolutely no system set up to determine the order of the line, and the security guards knew absolutely nothing. To make matters worse, Warriors fans aren’t exactly the nicest people, and they were willing to kill each other for tickets. For safety’s sake, I avoided revealing that I was cheering for the enemy.

By the time dawn had broke, we had been told that at 7, the gates would be opened, and there would be an all out melee to get to the ticket office. Worst. Idea. Ever. I might also mention at this point that some of us were on foot, but there was a large contingent of cars. Sure enough, as soon as the gates opened, a sea of humanity surged ahead and there was a mad dash to the arena, complete with cars swerving in and out of pedestrian traffic.

Finally, we reached the line and were forced to wait in tight quarters for another two hours before we had a chance to talk to a ticket salesperson, at which time most tickets were already sold out. We finally walked away with 2 pairs of obstructed view tickets and 4 standing room only tickets. Was it worth the 11 hour wait? Probably not, but we were too exhausted to care. This definitely tested the limits of my devotion to the Mavs. They better roll the Warriors.

The fruits of our labor

Tim trying to catch some zzzs.

Harry looks a wee bit tired

Yours truly.


From the San Francisco Chronicle. There’s me!

Speaking of the Chronicle, check this out. Scroll down to the 5th paragraph.



lease a wang (11:20:52 PM): so how exactly are we going to be show buddies if neither of us can afford to go
albuhhh (11:20:29 PM): well
albuhhh (11:20:33 PM): i am getting a job
albuhhh (11:20:44 PM): and you could beg on telegraph
albuhhh (11:20:52 PM): or do tricks if youre talented
lease a wang (11:22:17 PM): lol
lease a wang (11:22:19 PM): tricks?
lease a wang (11:22:27 PM): of the sexual persuasion?
albuhhh (11:21:57 PM): uh
albuhhh (11:22:02 PM): not what i meant at all
albuhhh (11:22:04 PM): but you know
lease a wang (11:22:48 PM): hahaha
albuhhh (11:22:12 PM): whatever floats your boat?
lease a wang (11:22:51 PM): that’s the first thing i thought of
albuhhh (11:22:30 PM): yeah i’m not surprised
lease a wang (11:23:30 PM): hey now
lease a wang (11:23:39 PM): what i do on friday nights is my business and my business only

There you have it, folks. Lisa Wang – studious schoolgirl by day, cheap callgirl by night.


Before I take a hiatus due to super-secret frat stuff, I leave you with this:

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, Coachella will be webcast live in its entirety here!

london calling

From Business Week:

Three months after cheap-flight giant Ryanair had publicly denied interest in routes to America, its CEO, Michael O’Leary, has announced an idea for a whole new airline that will start transatlantic flights in 2010 — for as little as 10 euros one-way.

“We’ve been approached by a number of airports in the US who are very keen to see us start a long-haul, low-fare service, and we’re working on plans to start flying the Atlantic,” O’Leary told reporters today during a flight from Dublin to Germany. He greeted the media at the check-in counter with a catchy promotional phrase: “Ten-euro tickets to New York!”


Full story here.

clear eyes, full hearts


So instead of finishing my philosophy paper, I decided to finish watching Friday Night Lights, which ended its first and perhaps only season last night. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of being one step closer to home (the season finale is filmed in Dallas!), or maybe it’s the fact that Explosions in the Sky scores the soundtrack. Regardless, I am in love with this show. Just as I thought the movie was the best sports movie I had ever seen, I believe that this is the best show on network television, bar none (I still think Battlestar Galactica tops it, but it’s on cable). It’s so much deeper than the football, and it really captures the spirit of life in a small Texas town, where every Friday night, an entire community can put aside their differences and come together for four quarters. Other people can have their shows about superheroes or sexually frustrated medical interns, but I’ll take Texas high school football and teenage angst over that stuff any day. The critics seem to agree, as FNL has been showered with praise and was awarded the Peabody Award for outstanding achievements in broadcasting. It’s a shame that critical acclaim and trophies doesn’t always translate into ratings. Alas, if last night was to be the final game played by the Dillon Panthers, the writers did a very nice job of wrapping things up. You can still watch the entire season over on, so be sure to catch this gem before it’s gone forever.

“Here’s to God, and football, and ten years from now, good friends living large in Texas. Texas forever.”

Ha, that was probably the most shamelessly cheesy plug I have ever written.

Back to homework.

i turn my camera on

This made my day. Even robots can’t resist dancing to Spoon. I want one.

food coma

Now I remember why I avoid Chipotle.

If there is a God, I’m pretty sure He never intended for the human stomach to be subjected to such torture. I can only hope that my roommates can forgive for the unpleasant grunts and occasional belches that I emitted as I struggled to finish the gas-inducing monster cleverly disguised in tinfoil.

Sorry for the lack of posts. I really do love writing, and I only wish that I had the time to do it more often. Oh well, here’s to summer and some well deserved free time for us all.