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scorsese is overrated

Yeah, I said it. Sue me. The Departed was not that good. Scorsese was never able to win an Oscar with an original story, so he decided to copy Infernal Affairs shot for shot and win an award essentially for lifetime achievement. What a cop-out.

Yeah, this scene was way better in the Chinese version. Oh wait, it all was.

The best movie this year, Children of Men, didn’t even get a nomination. Balls.


for your reading pleasure

Woman falls onto subway tracks after bumping into passenger while sending email

Osaka — A woman fell onto the tracks at a subway station here after she bumped into another commuter while using her mobile phone, but the driver of an incoming train managed to stop some 20 meters before her, police said.

The 25-year-old woman from Kawanishi was at Honmachi Station on the Midosuji subway line in Osaka’s Chuo-ku, when the accident took place at about 8:30 a.m. on Monday.

She fell off the platform after bumping into a man. A station worker immediately jumped down to the tracks and rescued her.

A train was approaching, but it managed to stop about 20 meters in front of the commuter. The woman reportedly suffered minor injuries in the fall.

Four trains were delayed over the incident, inconveniencing about 4,500 passengers, Osaka Municipal Government officials said. (Mainichi)

So yeah, I need to stop procrastinating. I think I’ll give up Facebook for Lent.


Haha, I love Perry Bible Fellowship… it’s so funny yet awful at the same time. pbf comicsĀ 

fine, a real post

So I said I’d try to steer clear of cynical one liners. After two weeks, I really haven’t kept that promise, and this blog is still a load of crap. I really need to start writing in some coherent form so that normal people can actually understand the thoughts racing through my messed up head. The challenge here is to avoid turning this thing into some drawn out narrative on every facet of my life, something I’m guessing would bore everyone to tears.

So, where to begin? School’s been in session for a little over a month now, and I guess plenty has happened since then. For those of you who haven’t heard, I’m pledging a frat. Yeah, that’s right. Albert Lin is now a frat boy. Who saw that one coming? Suffice to say, most of my waking hours have been consumed by homework, Facebook, pledge, and more Facebook. Surprisingly, pledge has turned out to be one of the more enjoyable activities I have undertaken here at Cal. In concept, it should be terrible – nine hours a week that could otherwise be spent on Facebook. Instead, it’s fostered a sense of discipline and -dare I say it? – brotherhood that seems to have been absent in my life. The members of the Alpha Epsilon pledge class are a class act, and I’m proud to pledge alongside them. I suppose there may be a time where I will come to hate pledge, but I’m sure it will all make me a better person in the end.

In other news, the weather has been unusually kind to us this semester. February in Bay Area should mean torrential downpours and cloudy skies, but for the past week, we’ve been blessed with clear skies and balmy weather. When it’s sunny, there isn’t a campus more beautiful than Berkeley’s. It’s nice to see Memorial Glade packed with people lounging around or tossing frisbees. I took advantage of the nice weather to check out an apartment on Northside with Chuckles. I’ve never been out there, and I was surprised at how relaxing and quiet it is. If nothing better comes up, I suppose I’ll be living out there starting in June. Having a place to live definitely takes a load of my shoulders.

Classes are going fine. I love Japanese 7B… Professor Wallace is just so damn cool, and the books are pretty fun to read. Even BA 10 hasn’t been that bad. The class is interesting and pretty easy. If it wasn’t for that damn curve, it’d be awesome. The only class I’ve come to loath is Philosophy 3. After 5 weeks of class, I still don’t understand what’s going on, and Professor Campbell’s Scottish accent has gotten pretty irritating. I’m still kind of lost in terms of academic direction. I dont really want to tie myself down to a major I’ll end up regretting later. It’s also somewhat troublesome that the majors I find to be interesting are seemingly dead-end majors as far as careers go. What can one do with a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies? My parents are constantly reminding me that they will disown me if I graduate with a degree in the humanities. I think they’re only half joking. I suppose I’ll pursue BA just because it’s there, and I might go for a minor in Public Policy or something. The thought of becoming an I-banker with a fat portfolio still doesn’t really appeal to me though. Maybe it’s because of the lack of morality that I sense from my fellow business students. Haas candidates are ruthless. They will stop at nothing to get the results that they want, even if that means tossing aside moral judgement. I don’t mean to be making such blanket statements, but it’s the general impression that I get. As much as I enjoy BA 10, I keep telling myself that I don’t want to become one of them.

I suppose what this post lacks are juicy tidbits from my personal life. Unfortunately, that’s one thing I don’t want to dive into. Frankly, it’s a mess. The sad thing is, if I start talking about it, it will probably come out sounding more melodramatic than it actually is. Objectively speaking, it’s not even that big a deal. I’m just retarded.

I guess I’ll be doing this more often. This post has already turned out to be a little to mundane for my liking. I guess I’ll need to work on spicing up future posts to make them a little more interesting.

Happy Chinese New Year’s, everyone. Gong Hoy Fat Choy or whatever. Hope everyone got to spend time with their families and partake in the most important tradition of this wonderful holiday: making fat BANK from those little red envelopes!

OK, time to stop. My unwritten philosophy paper beckons.


Partly cloudy? There’s not a cloud in the sky! Attire for the week: T-shirt, shorts, and sandals. In February. I love California. Not much time to enjoy it, though. Midterms and papers galore. Berkeley rears its ugly head.

the end?

I dont have anything substantial to say. This is a waste of time.


Yet another post in the wee hours of the morning. Meh, i need a little more time to gather my thoughts. 4:30 is not an ideal time to blog.